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A De-lightful Holiday Wishlist

8 Dec

There is no denying it–the Christmas season is officially upon us.  Time for the awkward family Christmas cards, cheesy holiday music and wonderfully tacky home lighting displays

Who ever said less is more?

What’s my favorite way to get in the holiday spirit?  A nice, long Christmas list! 


1.  Eclectic wine rack: I am currently using a hideous wooden wine rack that looks so old it might have been built it Joseph’s little wood shop in Nazareth.  I don’t need anything super fancy or expensive, but I would a wine rack that is both functional and eye-catching.   

Droplet Wine Rack by Cattelan Italia

  2.  Set of Basic Stemware: I’m more than ready to upgrade my Solo drinking cups and hodgepodge wine glass collection for a full set of stemware.  I want something simplistic with just a little edginess to it.  Most importantly, it has to be cheap enough that I don’t feel bad when I inevitably drop a glass here or there.   

Angled Rim Crackle Stemware, Pier 1 Imports

3. A puppy: Yup, I never thought I’d say it but I have become a secret animal lover recently and I want a puppy.  I’m thinking a small, low-maintenance dog.  I need something I can inappropriately take with me into public places but doesn’t yip incessantly or look like something Paris Hilton totes around.  Realistically, Santa will not be bringing me a cuddly little dog this year but hey– a girl can dream, right? 

Maui, Ashley Tisdale's Pomeranian

   4.  Cocktail Literature: There are a ton of new mixology manuals and drinking-related books that I am dying to get my hands on!  I’m not picky–but big, colorful pictures are a MUST.

Market Fresh Mixology by Bridget Albert

 5. Elegant Sweater Dress– Christmas time means a social calendar chock full of holiday parties but i hate NOTHING more than being cold in a skimpy cocktail dress.  This year I am lusting over a glitzy, embellished sweater dress that is fashionable enough to wear to all the holiday souirees yet doesn’t leave me with goose bumps.

Beaded Sweater Dress, Victoria's Secret

6. Camera/Camcorder: This is by far my most practical gift on the list.  I really really really need something (sorry, I am soo not tech-savvy) that will allow me to take better pictures and videos for my blog and future journalistic endeavors.  I considered the Flip but I would prefer a device that has the ability to take still pictures as well as video.  I will let Santa do some further research…

Kodak Zi8 Pocket Video Camera


8.  And last but not least (but completely unnecessary nonetheless) THE BEERBOT: I saw this article online today and I couldn’t resist.  Hear me out…I don’t drink beer.  But maybe I would if I had a robot to pour me a cold one….

Beerbot Pouring Robot, Asahi

 What’s on your Christmas wishlist this year!?! Happy Holidays!