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Cinco de MINE

3 May

You know how in cartoons there is always that one character that is just about to save the day until he sees that BIG RED BUTTON that says “DO NOT PRESS”?  Well folks, thats me!  The more someone tells me to do something, the more intrinsically obligated I feel to do the exact opposite.

Case and point: The more I tried to force myself to write a post about healthy Cinco de Mayo margaritas, the more I wanted to rebel against this tequila-fueled holiday!

But what am I supposed to celebrate while everyone is throwing on their sombreros and tipping back Dos Equis?  Per usual, I found some alternatives!

Uno, Dos, Tres Rebelious Ways to Celebrate on May 5th:

1.  Cinco de Mustache

Defined by Urban Dictionary as “a day when men are men and celebrate the glory that is the moustache”.

All over the country, in places like NYC and Michigan, mustache (or moustache, if you prefer) lovers commemorate the facial patch by drinking PBR, rocking acid washed jeans and proudly flaunting their own unique mustache.

2.  National Hoagie Day

A hoagie, often referred to as a sub, grinder, sandwich, wedge, or po’boy, is one of America’s favorite meal staples.  Although the creator of this holiday remains unknown, May 5 has always been recognized as the official day to celebrate your favorite hoagie. 

Looks like this guy chose to celebrate Cinco de Moustache and Hoagie Day!

Eating a hoagie full of carbohydrates is an ideal precursor to a heavy night of drinking–no matter what holiday you decide to celebrate!

3.  Osama Bin Laden Cocktails

While this extremely cliche and politically-incorrect, I couldn’t resist including some of the recent cocktail recipes popping up online after Bin Laden’s recent death.  Drink at your own risk!

Osama Bin Laden:

1 oz Absinthe

1 dash Tabasco

Add dash of Tabasco to shot of absinthe and enjoy!

Red Death

1/2 oz vodka

1/2 oz Southern Comfort

1/2 oz almaretto

1/2 oz triple sec

1/2 oz sloe gin

orange juice

Pour all alcoholic ingredients into a tall glass with ice and fill to top with orange juice!

Red Death cocktail

But if you decide you are a little more old fashioned and want a healthy Cinco de Mayo, clike HERE for an older post I wrote about blood orange margaritas!


Margarita Madness

22 Feb

National Margarita Day may not be an official holiday in any legitimate way at all.  HOWEVER, it could not come at a better time for those of us in dire need of a pick-me-up from our winter blues. 

The most extreme celebration takes place at  Jimmy Buffet’s Margartaville at Mohegan Sun Casino where there will be truly LOCO drink deals and giveaways!   

But aside from drinking a margarita (or three), you can celebrate National Margarita Day any way you choose!  I suggest blasting the Jimmy Buffet, digging out your sombrero and making some homemade chips and guacamole!  

Frozen Blood Orange Margarita from Ina Garten

Blood Oranges are in season and have amazing health benefits!  On top of that, they give your margarita a much-needed makeover with a bright oragne hue and blast of citrus flavor!

1/2 cup fresh blood orange juice
2 tbsp lemon juice
3 cups ice
1 cup Triple Sec
1 cup white tequila
4 frozen margarita glasses

    Combine the blood orange juice, lemon juice, Triple Sec, and ice in a blender and puree until completely blended. Add the tequila and puree for 2 seconds more.

  1. Alternatively, combine all ingredients in a cocktail shaker, shake hard to form ice crystals.
  2. Pour or strain into  prepared frozen margarita glasses or glasses filled with ice and serve.

Homemade Baked Tortilla Recipe from Healthy Food For Living


  • corn tortillas
  • canola oil cooking spray
  • Kosher salt


  1. Preheat oven to 350°F.
  2. Lightly coat both sides of each corn tortilla with cooking spray.
  3. Stack the tortillas on top of one another, and cut the pile in half. Cut each half in half again; then cut each quarter in half. Every tortilla will yield 8 triangles.
  4. Place tortilla triangles on baking sheets in one layer. Sprinkle with salt.
  5. Bake tortillas until crisp, lightly browned, and slightly curled, about 12 minutes. Watch closely so they don’t burn.
  6. Toss the warm tortilla chips with additional salt to taste, if desired.



CHEESECAKE FACTORY is the ultimate frenemie.

21 Jan

I don’t know about everyone else out there–but I am the type of person that just holds onto a grudge for a long time.  I am just barely starting to forgive my parents for making me sport a boys’ bowl-cut for the first 10 years of my life.     

Therefore, I was very reluctant to write this positive post about Cheesecake Factory’s newest line of low-calorie cocktails.  Cheesecake Factory and I go way back.  We started off friends but one thing led to another and before I knew it our relationship had gotten way too serious, way too fast.  And just when I thought Cheesecake Factory was the one, everything came to a screeching hault.

I remember it like it was just yesterday; “Cheesecake Factory Finally Releases Shocking Nutritonal Information”.  I was completely heartbroken….A slice of chocolate truffle cake: 1,700 calories.  In the mood for pasta carbonara?  OH, just two day’s worth of calories aka 2,500 calories.  Even a “healthy” Caesar salad order had 1500 calories!  

The breakup was painful.  At first, I tried to ease my way out by ordering some of their new (extremely humiliatingly named) menu options, like the Weight Management Asian Chicken Salad.  The day I couldn’t bring myself to look the waiter in the eye and say the words “weight management salad”, I knew I had to end things with Cheesecake Factory once and for all.  So, I gave it up–cold turkey and I haven’t looked back since.  Until now, that is….

SO here you have it: Cheesecake Factory will be launching a cocktail line of margaritas and mojitos for under 150 calories The line is expected to be released in restaurants this March and will range in price from $7- $11.  Good news is that the alcohol content will remain the same as regular calorie drinks, but the sugar will be replaced with splenda to cut calories nearly in half. 


Will I give Cheesecake Factory another chance?  Perhaps… I think the saying goes something like “Fool me once, shame on you.  Fool me twice, shame on me”.  So YES, I may sample the new skinny cocktail line sometime in the upcoming year.  But nibble on the 1,600 calorie guacomole or 2,000 calorie nachos?  N-O.  Sorry, Cheesecake Factory…people don’t forget.