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St. Patty’s Day Beer (Spoiler Alert: This could get ugly)

17 Mar

St. Patty’s Day Beers

by Blogger Brian

Happy St. Patty’s day!  I figured I should step up my blogging game and talk about some beer for the big day tomorrow.  Most people will probably want to drink Irish beers in celebration of their .0001% Irish heritage so I’m going to break down my top 4 picks.

1.  Guinness Draught – This one’s a no-brainer.  Imported straight from Ireland this beer 4.2% ABV.  This may surprise you given its full body and rich flavor but what’s even more surprising is that each 12oz bottle only contains 125 calories!!  

2.  Harp Lager – This is a light colored beer standard imported from Ireland.  Mix one of these guys 50:50 with a Guinness for a St. Patty’s day tradition, the black and tan.  At 142 calories and 4.5% ABV its comparable to a Guinness in terms of bang for your buck.  

3.  Smithwick’s  Irish Ale –  Brewed by Guinness, Smithwick’s is touted as Ireland’s number one ale.  At 5% ABV and about 150 calories, Smithwick’s is another great choice for your St. Patty’s Day festivities.

4.  Killian’s Irish Red – While this is a domestic beer (brewed by Coors/Miller), it is still a popular St. Patty’s Day beer.  While not one of my favorite choices, Killian’s gets the job done at 5% ABV and 162 calories.


Irish Car Bombs – These are my St. Patrick’s Day favorite!  Coincidently, it is also the worst for you (go figure).  I’ll break down the car bomb by its components:
Jameson Whiskey – 69 calories/oz
Bailey’s Irish Cream – 117 calories/oz
6oz of Guinness – 68 calories
Total – 254 calories!

Wow, that’s rough.  Good thing spring break is over because I’m not going to be able to stay away from car bombs on St. Patty’s.  Anyways, that’s all for now. IT’S DRINKING TIME!!!

Surviving the Snow Day: Winter Workouts & Alcoholic Sno-Cones

2 Feb

Snow day: A college student’s excuse to order takeout, drink heavily and avoid physical activity (as if we don’t do this enough)

Typically, snow day indulges don’t do much damage since they only happen once or twice a year.  However, the excessive amount of snow  and school cancellations this year can make it hard to stick to new year’s resolutions and spring break diet goals. 

How can you survive a snow day without sacrificing the fun?  Embrace your inner child and head outdoors!

(*based on 150-pound woman*)

Shoveling Snow = 408 calories per hour

Sledding = 484 calories per hour

Building a snowman= 285 calories per hour

Having a snowball fight= 319 calories per hour

Making snowangels=214 calories per hour

After you work up a sweat with these fun, snow-day activities head indoors for some adult snow-day slushies!


What you need:

  • Bucket of fresh snow
  • Sugar-free drink mix
  • alcohol of your choice: vodka, rum or whiskey
  • Sweetener (optional, to taste)

Mix the drink powder and alcohol into a large pail or mixing bowl filled with snow.  Stir well and add in sweetener until you reach your desired taste.  Spoon mixture into cone cups, bowls or any drinking vessel you can imagine and enjoy!!

Bad News for 2011

3 Jan

Dear 2011,

After much contemplation, I have decided I will NOT be making any resolutions for this upcoming year.  Please don’t take it personally–it’s not you, it’s me. 

The truth is…..I think New Year’s Resolutions SUCK.  For some strange reason there is nothing appealing to me about a list of things I can and cannot do for an entire year.  In the end, most people trash their over-the-top life changes by the beginning of February and are left feeling even more worthless than when they made the resolution. 

Therefore, I have decided to make you my own personal experiment–my chance to try EVERYTHING and regret NOTHING.

So here’s what I WON’T be resolving to do this year:

  • give up drinking–self explanatory…I enjoy drinking and in moderation and even in excess, it can be fit into a healthy, exciting lifestyle. 
  • DIET– every year,millions of people pledge to give up all their favorite foods and follow some crazy, extremist diet plan for the next 12 months.  TRUST ME–I was probably one of the worst diet bandwagoners.  Sorry 2011, but I am tired of it….diet’s don’t work and in fact, they really really blow. 
  • go to bed earlier–I know it’s important to get 8 hours of shuteye each night but this year I’m not going to kill myself if every now and again I  stay out an extra hour later at night, hit the snooze button in the a.m. and call it a day.  What’s the worst that’s going to happen?
  • save all off my money–I am a self-diagnosed workaholic so I hate not having a decent amount of money in savings at all times.  But let’s face it, I am no millionaire and my stingyness can really take the fun out of life at times.  So in 2011, I am not going to criticize myself for choosing “grande” over “tall”, full service over self service and  bottle of wine over box…  

If by the end of the year  I turn out to be an obese, unhappy homeless person on the verge of a mental breakdown, then I will send you a formal apology letter admitting how wrong I was.  I will promise to never eat a carb again and attend church everyday.  Maybe I will even give up drinking ……

In the meantime, I will be enjoying 2011 to the fullest…starting with this yummy White Blueberry Martini Recipe!

2011, I know this isn’t the relationship you expected and I really hope you understand.



Hanukkah Cocktails: 8 Days of drinking!

3 Dec

Smithsonian Mag recently came out with an article on their website listing “The Eight Cocktails of Hannukah“!

Read the article to find more, but here are some of my faves:

He'Brew Beer

Menorah Martini

The Dreidel

Sorry this shtik is so short but I’m a busy goy who can’t spend all day schlepping around like a schmuck!  Ahhh love Yiddish for Dummies!  Shalom!!!