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26 Jan

I don’t care how many calories you save, this is just plain stupid.

People won’t leave the house without a jumbo-size bottle of Purell on hand.  They freak out if their salad isn’t made with organic, hand-washed produce.  And god forbid a flake of snow is on the ground and there isn’t an immediate snow day!

But pour rubbing alcohol straight into your cornea?  Great idea, bro.

Jokes aside–DO NOT DO THIS.


Thoughtful Thursday

13 Jan

Some people call it thirsty Thursday but the recent outpouring of drinking news makes today feel more like thoughtful Thursday.

Here is some drink for thought, so to speak….

  • If you thought 2010 provided the world with some of the worst drinking trends (click here to see ’em), think again….Bacon-flavored cocktails are predicted to be the “it” drink of 2011. 

Rum and Whiskey distillers capture the bacon flavor using a process calle "fat washing".

  • Chilean researchers have created a vaccine to cure alcoholism.  Ironically, the miracle cure works by giving drinkers a massive hangover, producing extreme nausea and unease.  Click here for the full article

This pic is enough to cure my alcoholism....

  • And last but not least (ok maybe this is least), this is just really cool.