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Surviving the Snow Day: Winter Workouts & Alcoholic Sno-Cones

2 Feb

Snow day: A college student’s excuse to order takeout, drink heavily and avoid physical activity (as if we don’t do this enough)

Typically, snow day indulges don’t do much damage since they only happen once or twice a year.  However, the excessive amount of snow  and school cancellations this year can make it hard to stick to new year’s resolutions and spring break diet goals. 

How can you survive a snow day without sacrificing the fun?  Embrace your inner child and head outdoors!

(*based on 150-pound woman*)

Shoveling Snow = 408 calories per hour

Sledding = 484 calories per hour

Building a snowman= 285 calories per hour

Having a snowball fight= 319 calories per hour

Making snowangels=214 calories per hour

After you work up a sweat with these fun, snow-day activities head indoors for some adult snow-day slushies!


What you need:

  • Bucket of fresh snow
  • Sugar-free drink mix
  • alcohol of your choice: vodka, rum or whiskey
  • Sweetener (optional, to taste)

Mix the drink powder and alcohol into a large pail or mixing bowl filled with snow.  Stir well and add in sweetener until you reach your desired taste.  Spoon mixture into cone cups, bowls or any drinking vessel you can imagine and enjoy!!