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St. Patty’s Day Beer (Spoiler Alert: This could get ugly)

17 Mar

St. Patty’s Day Beers

by Blogger Brian

Happy St. Patty’s day!  I figured I should step up my blogging game and talk about some beer for the big day tomorrow.  Most people will probably want to drink Irish beers in celebration of their .0001% Irish heritage so I’m going to break down my top 4 picks.

1.  Guinness Draught – This one’s a no-brainer.  Imported straight from Ireland this beer 4.2% ABV.  This may surprise you given its full body and rich flavor but what’s even more surprising is that each 12oz bottle only contains 125 calories!!  

2.  Harp Lager – This is a light colored beer standard imported from Ireland.  Mix one of these guys 50:50 with a Guinness for a St. Patty’s day tradition, the black and tan.  At 142 calories and 4.5% ABV its comparable to a Guinness in terms of bang for your buck.  

3.  Smithwick’s  Irish Ale –  Brewed by Guinness, Smithwick’s is touted as Ireland’s number one ale.  At 5% ABV and about 150 calories, Smithwick’s is another great choice for your St. Patty’s Day festivities.

4.  Killian’s Irish Red – While this is a domestic beer (brewed by Coors/Miller), it is still a popular St. Patty’s Day beer.  While not one of my favorite choices, Killian’s gets the job done at 5% ABV and 162 calories.


Irish Car Bombs – These are my St. Patrick’s Day favorite!  Coincidently, it is also the worst for you (go figure).  I’ll break down the car bomb by its components:
Jameson Whiskey – 69 calories/oz
Bailey’s Irish Cream – 117 calories/oz
6oz of Guinness – 68 calories
Total – 254 calories!

Wow, that’s rough.  Good thing spring break is over because I’m not going to be able to stay away from car bombs on St. Patty’s.  Anyways, that’s all for now. IT’S DRINKING TIME!!!

On Your Mark, Get Set, DRINK!

24 Feb

With two days until I make my half-marathon debut, I have been doing extensive research on pre-race nutrition and hydration….

The good news:  I get to eat as many carbs as I want for the next two days without any guilt.  Bring on the pasta, bread and potatoes.

The bad news: NO BOOZE!  Before a race, an athlete needs to consume as much water and fluids as possible to up the body’s hydration level.    I tried to plea my case for beer’s high carb content but that didn’t fly.


Andrea Henkel, German sprint racer

One Bavarian beer company thinks so!  They produce a non-alcoholic beer, called Erdinger Alkoholfrei, that promises isotonic benefits to athletes and fellow drinkers.  Like Gatorade or other sports drinks,  Erdinger Alkoholfrei is said to help athletes recover and rehydrate post-workout .  It also promises the same great taste of regular beer minus the alcohol (only .05 alcohol content) and hangover side-effects. 

Erdinger Alkoholfrei is growing in popularity all over the world, but  non-alcoholic beers have never found much profitability in the U.S.  Making matters worse, this “athlete’s beer” goes for $10 per six-pack.

After weighing the pros and cons of Erdinger Alkoholfrei, I am still not convinced.  Unless this beer is the best tasting beverage since McDonald’s Shamrock Shake (available NOW–so excited!), it doesn’t seem worth it to me. 



A Guy Walks Into a Bar: Happy New Beer!!!

20 Jan

New Year, New Beer!

BY:  guest-blogger Brian (part-time beer afficionado/full-time drinking partner) 

I know this post is like a month late but I’ve been busy drinking, gambling, and playing in the snow.  Forgive me.  
Anyways, for an avid beer drinker such as myself, champagne is somewhat of a foreign topic to me.  Generally, when  I shop for champagne I just  just buy whatever bottle (in my price range) looks the classiest.  We’re just going to be toasting with it one time anyways, so what does it matter?  

Well apparently the marketing wizards at Sam Adams had me in mind with their latest blend; Infinium.

Sam Adams Infinium is a unique blend of champagne and beer.  They describe it as “A groundbreaking brew, made with only the four traditional ingredients: malted barley, hops, water and yeast.  Infinium is a crisp champagne-like beer with fine bubbles and a fruity, spicy aroma. The crisp clean malt character and delicate fruit notes in this beer are complemented by a slight citrus flavor from dry hopping with Bavarian Noble hops. Bottle conditioning adds another layer of complexity and light spice notes.”


Like I said, marketing WIZARDS!  So me and my “panel of experts” decided to give this new brew a shot.  The general consensus of my 3-person tasting panel was that it was pretty good.  Ironically, I happpened to be the lone drinker who did not agree with this sentiment so here’s my take on Infinium.

Pros:  Lots of flavor    

Cons: Too carbonated, not much different than your average Sam Adams brew, dry hoppiness (I swear that’s a word)

TO BUY OR NOT TO BUY?:  Personally, I won’t be running out to buy Infinium anytime soon.  However, if you know you’ve got a fellow bro’s birthdays coming up, you might want to check it out.  

Thoughtful Thursday

13 Jan

Some people call it thirsty Thursday but the recent outpouring of drinking news makes today feel more like thoughtful Thursday.

Here is some drink for thought, so to speak….

  • If you thought 2010 provided the world with some of the worst drinking trends (click here to see ’em), think again….Bacon-flavored cocktails are predicted to be the “it” drink of 2011. 

Rum and Whiskey distillers capture the bacon flavor using a process calle "fat washing".

  • Chilean researchers have created a vaccine to cure alcoholism.  Ironically, the miracle cure works by giving drinkers a massive hangover, producing extreme nausea and unease.  Click here for the full article

This pic is enough to cure my alcoholism....

  • And last but not least (ok maybe this is least), this is just really cool.

A Guy Walks Into A Bar: Brian’s Post-Holiday Tips

3 Jan

A Guy Walks in to a Bar:  Tips for Shedding Holiday Beer Weight

So the holidays have come and gone and all I’m left with a pile of brand new clothes that fit just a little too tightly.

Don't opt for the easy way out.....

It’s a well known fact that everyone tends to overindulge during the holidays and the weight you gain as a result will stick with you unless you do something about it.  I’m just going to give you a few tips to help get rid of those winter lagers you’ve been toting around your midsection.

  1. ­Ditch the leftovers.


 If your family is anything like mine, you still have tons of cookies and candy all over the house.  Get rid of them.  If the temptation to chow down on a couple of cookies isn’t there, you will be more likely to opt for a healthier alternative or simply not snack. 

2.  Get back to your beer.


Now that you no longer have to impress your family with your taste in fine beers, you can go back to drinking Bud Lights and Natty.  Sure, you lose the taste but your wallet and your gut will be happy.

3.  Get back in the gym.


Make sure you put extra cardio into your workout to burn off a few more calories.  I recommend 30 minutes to an hour total in addition to your lift to help get you back on track.  If you’re running on the treadmill I would do a 10 minute warm up, lift, and then 20 minutes at the end of the workout.  On the elliptical, I would do the same warm-up but probably 30-45 minutes at the end of the workout.

4.  Clean up your diet.

Make it your new year’s resolution to cut something out of your diet that is bad for you.  I’m thinking this year I will cut out soda (except as a mixer of course!).

These are just a few simple things to keep in mind when trying to kick-start your weight loss after the holiday season.  Happy new year!!

Hanukkah Cocktails: 8 Days of drinking!

3 Dec

Smithsonian Mag recently came out with an article on their website listing “The Eight Cocktails of Hannukah“!

Read the article to find more, but here are some of my faves:

He'Brew Beer

Menorah Martini

The Dreidel

Sorry this shtik is so short but I’m a busy goy who can’t spend all day schlepping around like a schmuck!  Ahhh love Yiddish for Dummies!  Shalom!!!


30 Nov

Mews Tavern Beer and Gear 5K Recap: Blogger Brian

Last weekend I volunteered at the Mews Tavern Annual Beer and Gear 5K

 This event was the 11th annual 5k held to raise money for RI Special Olympics.  This 5k is unlike any other because one simple fact: It’s hosted by a bar.

The Mews Tavern along with local brewers (Sam Adams and Newport Storm to name a few) provides free beer and food to all the runners before and after the race.  This unique aspect of the event attracts runners from all over the northeast to the race.  This year over 1500 people ran in the race. For final race results click here

To help raise money for Special Olympics, the Tavern also holds a raffle for various items after the race.  Ticket sheets cost 20 dollars and all of the proceeds went to Special Olympics.  The raffle items were donated by local businesses and included “gear” such as a mountain bike, a snowboard, a winter surfing setup, and various alcohol related promotional items.  Through ticket sales, the tavern was able to raise over $5,000 for the Special Olympics.

I was hoping to win one of these coolers for my apartment....

The 5k was a great event and it helped raise a lot of money for Special Olympics.  The runners’ dedication certainly inspired me to get running again and shed some more of that beer weight.  This event proved to me that YES, you can be healthy and still drink like a man.  Proof: I saw some of the sub 20- minute finishers run straight from the finish line to the kegs.