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Skinnygirl Holiday Tips!

2 Dec

The original “Skinnygirl” Bethenny Frankel revealed her holiday tips for healthy eating and drinking today on The Ellen Degeneres Show! 

Ahhh what I wouldn’t do for a martini and some guacomole right now!  Happy Hannukah!


Whip it good? Maybe not…

30 Nov

I thought I would go crazy if I heard one more news story about the Four Lokos drinking craze.  Luckily, my prayers have been answered and a new alcohol trend has media, consumers and health officials in a frenzy.

Could you guess what all the fuss is over?   Alcohol-infused whipped cream!!!

The two major brands found in liquor stores are CREAM and Whipped Lightning.   Both contain between 15-16.5% alcohol–making this whipped topping shockingly 30 proof!!! Don’t start squirting moutfuls of “whipahol” just yet; there is NO nutritional information available anywhere about the products.

Whipped Lightning’s response to questions about nutritional information on their website:

“We’ve never had Whipped Lightning tested to determine how many calories are in a serving. Whipahol is not a food product and is not subject to FDA labeling requirements; it is an alcoholic beverage.”

Sorry, folks…I know ignorance is bliss but bliss usuallly turns out to be extremely fattening and unhealthy….

Here’s my nutritional estimation:

2 tbs of Reddi-Whip – 20 calories


.5 oz of 30 proof liqeur – 50 calories

2 tbs of alcohol-infused whipped cream = up to 70 calories!!!


30 Nov

Mews Tavern Beer and Gear 5K Recap: Blogger Brian

Last weekend I volunteered at the Mews Tavern Annual Beer and Gear 5K

 This event was the 11th annual 5k held to raise money for RI Special Olympics.  This 5k is unlike any other because one simple fact: It’s hosted by a bar.

The Mews Tavern along with local brewers (Sam Adams and Newport Storm to name a few) provides free beer and food to all the runners before and after the race.  This unique aspect of the event attracts runners from all over the northeast to the race.  This year over 1500 people ran in the race. For final race results click here

To help raise money for Special Olympics, the Tavern also holds a raffle for various items after the race.  Ticket sheets cost 20 dollars and all of the proceeds went to Special Olympics.  The raffle items were donated by local businesses and included “gear” such as a mountain bike, a snowboard, a winter surfing setup, and various alcohol related promotional items.  Through ticket sales, the tavern was able to raise over $5,000 for the Special Olympics.

I was hoping to win one of these coolers for my apartment....

The 5k was a great event and it helped raise a lot of money for Special Olympics.  The runners’ dedication certainly inspired me to get running again and shed some more of that beer weight.  This event proved to me that YES, you can be healthy and still drink like a man.  Proof: I saw some of the sub 20- minute finishers run straight from the finish line to the kegs.

Extreme Thanksgiving Makeover

19 Nov

This year I have decided to do a full TAKEOVER of my family’s thanksgiving.

A typical Bousquet thanksgiving consists of very few people; parents, sister, my aunt Sue and aunt Lisa, and my three grandparents.

Normally, my aunts’ vacations coincidentally fall on all major holidays but this year they have decided to join the bunch–increasing the total number of people that are not legally deaf to 6.  My mother spends excessive time and money planning the meal so that it will successfully comatize us before we are forced to speak to one another.  My dad purposely pisses my mom off by not emptying the garbage and my meme clips weight-loss articles from Women’s World to kindly hand out to lucky family members.

Meanwhile, my sister and I redicule all.

My 95-yr old grandmama gives the finger in every pic.

But this year, I have been inspired to make this THE BEST THANKSGIVING EVER.

Here’s how:

  • Skip the food extravaganza: who are we kidding?  French Canadians aren’t known for their cooking skills.  I am forcing my mom to keep food to a minimum and try some exciting new (healthy) recipes!

  • Bring on the booze!!! I have elected myself in charge of creating a full-course drinking menu (stay tuned for that post!!!)to complement the meal!

  • No stressssssss 🙂 Thanksgiving should be a relaxing day and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the simplified menu and hard alcohol will do the trick!

I haven’t finalized an official drink list JUST yet but here are some top contenders for what I like to call DRUNKS-GIVING:

Ginger Snap Martini (

Pumpkin Spice Margarita (Every Joe)

Mulled White-Wine Sangria (Martha Stewart)

Skinnygirl Frangelini (Bethenny Frankel)

Balsmic Bloody Mary (Mario Batali on Food Network)

Apple-Ginger Sparklers (non-alcoholic for those under 21 and over 90) (Martha Stewart)

Jack & Ginger Cookie (alcholic dessert)  (Jack Daniels)

Which recipes do you like best?! Any ideas to help transform my thanksgiving?