Danger: Day Drinking Ahead!

28 Apr

Don’t let today’s gloomy weather fool you, this weekend is going to be nothing but blue skys and sunshine!


70° | 50°


67° | 38°


70° | 43°


70° | 45°


72° | 43°

I can’t speak for all of us, but for me, spring weather only means one thing: DAY DRINKING.

Urban dictionary defines day drinking as “A version of day dreaming but involving alcohol, drinking during the day and absent from reality for doing it.”

“Oh wow! It’s already 4pm! I don’t know where the time went!”
“Honey, were you day drinking again?

Metaphorically speaking, day-drinking is heaven on earth….the cat’s meow…having your cake and eating it too (errr, that may not apply)!  Reach for a Mike’s Hards, crack open a twisted tea or start icing bros!

So where’s the danger in all of this?  It could be right in the palm of your hands!  Let’s take a closer look at what’s really inside everyone’s favorite malt beverages!

Mike’s Hard Lemonade: 220 Calories

Save 100 calories by opting for a Mike’s Light Lemonade!

Half & Half Hard Iced Tea: 250 Calories

That’s the calorie equivalent of 2 1/2 Miller Lites!

Smirnoff Ice: 228 Calories

28 calories more than a Krispy Kreme Donut!

Colt 45 Blast: calories UNKNOWN

There are no nutriton facts available for this new flavored beer, promoted by Snoop Dogg….but I have a feeling the numbers aren’t pretty.  I Health-conscious Snoop Dogg fans might want to stick to gin ‘n’ juice!

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