The Buzz on the Royal Wedding

27 Apr

It’s official–ROYAL WEDDING fever is rampant and taking over popular culture as we know it.  TV news shows are covering the wedding around the clock.  Sites are selling out of wedding memorabilia and knockoff engagement rings.  Dunkin Donuts is offering a Royal Wedding donut.

Kate and William’s wedding craze has even trickled down to the alcohol industry!  Here is some of the latest drinking dish surrounding the nuptuals:

  • Kate and William allegedly ban beer at their wedding and reception ceremonies!  Click here to read the full story!

  • A facebook page dedicated to creating Royal Wedding drinking games has gained popularity among social media users.  Some of my favorite suggestions include taking a shot everytime Prince William thinks something racist or having a drink everytime you see Elton John’s baby! Go to the facebook page to find your favorite or suggest a game of your own!

  • BrewDog, a British Brewery, created a beer laced with Viagra called “Royal Virility Performance” to celebrate the upcoming wedding!  Three of these beers is supposed to equal one dose of the performance enhacing drug!

  • Lastly, check out the amazing royal wedding reception cocktail menu created by noted bartender Angus Winchester.  It includes 4 gin cocktails, symbolizing “Something Borrowed”, “Something Blue”, “Something Old” and “Something New”!

“The Newlyweds” cocktail is made with gin, lemon juice and fresh ginger!

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