Kim Kardashian Goes Green

26 Jan

Kim Kardashian is going green–and no, I’m not talking about her recycling habits. 

Kim has recently signed a major endorsement deal with  Midori Melon Liquer.  Midori, manufactured by Suntory, plans to make Kim the new face of it’s green melon-flavored cordial in it’s latest marketing campaign launching in April.


If you try and imitate Kim’s every move ( minus the whole sex tape thing) like I do, you may want to take caution on how you savor the new “Kim-approved” liquer. 


Midori Sour–popular mixed drink containing Midori, sour mix, sprite and grenadine. 

300 calories/8-oz glass!


Midori Fizz (also called Midori Rickey)–simple and refreshing mixture of Midori, club soda and a lime wedge. 

 80-100 calories/8-oz glass!

Phew!  Now that we cleared up that potential calorie-catastrophe, we can spend our time worrying about more important things… 

JUSSSSSSST KIDDING…..but not really.


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