Spending my snowday drinking on an island….

12 Jan

Snowdays used to be one of my favorite things about winter.  Now, they just make me (more) ADD.  Normally, my friends and I spend snowdays drinking a couple bottles of wine, watching awesomely bad 90’s movies and ordering takeout. 

I will never be too old for Space Jam.

However, this year it seems like ALL of my friends are spending their snowday drinking on an island!

Give me a second to imagine I am on an island with them……

Sipping strawberry daiquiris on a Caribbean cruise

Sidenote: googling "cruise" produces disturbing Tom Cruise photos.

Drinking my weight in cheap tequila on an all-inclusive Cancun trip

The "Situaton" not included.

Enjoying snow day bar specials on the island of Manhattan 

True drinking dedication...

 And what am I doing on my snowday? 

Drinking (coffee)….
On a (kitchen) island.

 Touche, friends…..Touche.


One Response to “Spending my snowday drinking on an island….”

  1. Brian January 21, 2011 at 3:13 pm #

    When you Google “snow day drinking” this is the 4th item that comes up. Thought you would be interested to know. And the reason I Googled it was because I am looking for things to do all day since my exam was canceled.

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