It is a miracle I am even alive.

30 Dec

You are never going to believe this….I have spent the last two weeks trapped in a snow bank holding on to dear life and praying emergency rescuers would locate me.  Not everyone can survive a freak avalanche in the isolated mountain terrains of Siberia but luckily, I had the physical strength and mental toughness to endure those 14 agonizing days.  In the end, I managed to save myself by propelling down the mountain with a rope I made from nearby tree branches.  The minute I got to the Siberian village at the mountain’s slope, I found the nearest wi-fi friendly cafe  and sat down to write this blog.  Again, I am soooo sorry to keep you all anxiously awaiting my next blog entry. 

Obviously, I lied.  I have no excuse for my blogging hiatus but don’t worry I AM BACK.  I realize no one actually noticed the absence but I certainly did and I must confess–I miss you, drinkers’ delight. 

The past 2 weeks can be summed in one word: OVERLOAD. 

  • Overload of christmas cookies, pies, candy–my mother even made some evil creation purely out of potato chips and heath bars.

Is it just me or do Christmas cookies seem to self-multiply?

  •  Overload of holiday-themed drinks….no more eggnog, bye-bye candy cane martinis, adios gingerbread liquer! 
  • Dear Eggnog Martini: For the 500 added calories and inevitale stomachache involved--I won't miss you, no hard feelings.

  • And last but not least, overload of STRESS.  Call me Ebenezer Scrooge, but there is nothing relaxing about being broke, buying other broke people presents, and dealing with other broke, angry christmas shoppers/salespeople.  Did I mention I was broke?!

THANK GOD THAT IS ALL IN THE PAST!  Check out tomorrow’s post about the healthiest champagne to drink while you ring in 2011!!



2 Responses to “It is a miracle I am even alive.”

  1. Kristin Kolat December 30, 2010 at 2:39 pm #

    I love waking up to a new post by you..dont worry you’ve been missed by me : )…In my total boredom I’ve been reading blogs nonstop and yours has been out of the loop due to inactivity..thank goodness your back. Now post about champagne asap bc NYE is tomorrow!!

  2. gaudrunk December 30, 2010 at 8:11 pm #

    I noticed.
    Make my blog look pretty?

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