Extreme Thanksgiving Makeover

19 Nov

This year I have decided to do a full TAKEOVER of my family’s thanksgiving.

A typical Bousquet thanksgiving consists of very few people; parents, sister, my aunt Sue and aunt Lisa, and my three grandparents.

Normally, my aunts’ vacations coincidentally fall on all major holidays but this year they have decided to join the bunch–increasing the total number of people that are not legally deaf to 6.  My mother spends excessive time and money planning the meal so that it will successfully comatize us before we are forced to speak to one another.  My dad purposely pisses my mom off by not emptying the garbage and my meme clips weight-loss articles from Women’s World to kindly hand out to lucky family members.

Meanwhile, my sister and I redicule all.

My 95-yr old grandmama gives the finger in every pic.

But this year, I have been inspired to make this THE BEST THANKSGIVING EVER.

Here’s how:

  • Skip the food extravaganza: who are we kidding?  French Canadians aren’t known for their cooking skills.  I am forcing my mom to keep food to a minimum and try some exciting new (healthy) recipes!

  • Bring on the booze!!! I have elected myself in charge of creating a full-course drinking menu (stay tuned for that post!!!)to complement the meal!

  • No stressssssss 🙂 Thanksgiving should be a relaxing day and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the simplified menu and hard alcohol will do the trick!

I haven’t finalized an official drink list JUST yet but here are some top contenders for what I like to call DRUNKS-GIVING:

Ginger Snap Martini (About.com)

Pumpkin Spice Margarita (Every Joe)

Mulled White-Wine Sangria (Martha Stewart)

Skinnygirl Frangelini (Bethenny Frankel)

Balsmic Bloody Mary (Mario Batali on Food Network)

Apple-Ginger Sparklers (non-alcoholic for those under 21 and over 90) (Martha Stewart)

Jack & Ginger Cookie (alcholic dessert)  (Jack Daniels)

Which recipes do you like best?! Any ideas to help transform my thanksgiving?


One Response to “Extreme Thanksgiving Makeover”

  1. Kristin Kolat November 20, 2010 at 10:25 pm #

    Bahahahaha I just laughed out loud. Why is my favorite recipe of all the cookies? If I had my own thanksgiving I would add about 3 X more to our already massive amount of food..none of it being healthy because for for favorite holiday, there is no skimping allowed. this is where we differ in life..bring on the turkey!!

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