All Fun and Games?

17 Nov

I was recently asked to do a little blogging about the calories in drinking games……

And there is no better place to start than the time-honored, college tradition of BEER PONG.

Here is a look at the caloric play-by-play in one game of Bei-ruit:

*Each cup is filled with 1/3 of a beer*

LIGHT BEER: 33 calories/cup

REGULAR BEER: 47 calories/cup

Basically, beer pong is a numbers game when it comes to your health.  If you are blessed with a natural pong athleticism  like I am, you might not consume too many cups.  However, if you are a weaker competitor the consequences of a night of beer pong could be more serious.

Hypothetical Situation: Lose entire game of beer pong.

6-Cup Game (no partners)

LIGHT BEER:  198 calories

REGULAR BEER: 282 calories

10-Cup Game (no partners)

LIGHT BEER: 330 calories

REGULAR BEER: 470 calories


  • Play with a partner (the better they are, the less calories your team will consume)
  • Keep moving! You can burn up to 20-30 calories in a beer pong match!
  • Win–maybe that involves some pre-game practice or meditation… It’s your call but a beer pong loss is a calorie gain.

Plain and simple: Beer pong is a good time but it can either be your body’s best friend or your worst beer-gut nightmare.

In more exciting beer news, Brian will be attending/drinking at the 2010 Beer ‘n’ Gear 5k this Saturday so stay tuned for his report on the events!


One Response to “All Fun and Games?”

  1. Rick Hancock November 18, 2010 at 8:10 pm #

    Love your blog! I hope you keep it going after this class ends!

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