A Guy Walks Into a Bar; Natty Ice Edition

16 Nov

Game Time Decisions

By Macho Blogger Brian 

So this past Thursday I walked into the liquor store with no idea what I wanted to drink this weekend.  Now, despite the fact that I am a poor college student, I usually don’t mind spending the extra money to buy better tasting beer.  However, on this particular day, I was feeling pretty cheap.   So I head into the walk in cooler, grab my 30 of Natty Ice, pay, and then head back to campus. 

 Now while this decision may have been a good one based on price, I ended up regretting it on more levels than one. 

 Where did I go wrong?

  1. The calories – Each can of Natty Ice contains 157 calories in each 12oz can.  After 12 of those bad boys I was up to 1884 calories just from drinking!!  That’s almost as many calories as you are supposed to consume in a day.
  2. The taste – I don’t claim to have the most distinguished palette when it comes to beer tasting but to me, Natty tastes like a skunked Budweiser.  The first couple you take down are always painful but once the buzz kicks in, you tend to notice it less.
  3. The hangover – I don’t usually get bad hangovers but there’s just something about cheap beers that seem to get me every time.

What went right?  

  1. The price – For 16 bucks I got 30 ice-cold brews at 5.9%abv.
  2. The buzz – I’m a big dude and it takes a lot for me to get good and drunk.  The higher alcohol content helped me get there quicker and by drinking fewer beers.
  3. The calories – How can the calories be both a good thing and a bad thing? The increase in alcohol content makes up for the increase in calories.  Compared to Bud Light, Natural Ice contains about 1.4 times the calories and 1.4 times the alcohol content.  Because of this ratio, Natural Ice is the more attractive product because I’m able to not only spend less money, but I can also drink fewer beers than the alternative and still achieve the same buzz.

The Verdict

Despite not knowing any of these facts going in to the liquor store, it turns out I actually made the healthier choice, buying the “heavy” beer.  This may seem counterintuitive but doing the math, Natty was the better choice. 

In general, was buying the Natty the healthier choice? Yes.  Will I make this same decision in the future? Maybe.   For me it’s not just about the buzz and getting the most bang for your buck.  When that is the case, you can put money on me making this decision any day of the week.  But in general, I like to enjoy my beer so don’t expect to see me pounding Natty’s every weekend like it’s my job.


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