Pillow talk with my blog.

10 Nov

It is hard to procrastinate writing a paper when all your roommates are asleep, your tv remote has no batteries and there is no one good left to facebook-stalk.  So I have turned to my blog as an outlet for my late night banter…Is this what my life has really come to???  Looks like it.

Lately, I have been obsessed with the blog world…it’s like the real world, but with better food/drink and prettier people.  It’s pretty bad though–I spend all day dreaming up different drinks to make, new liquors to try, ideas for the blog…..sdasderiugfdjhdasbdfsdfjd my brain is on BLOG OVERLOAD and I need some clarity. 

So I have decided to compile a Drinkers’ De-Light bucket list to complete before I graduate in May!

Drinker’s De-LIGHT To-Drink List:

-Host/attend a wine-tasting

-Learn how to infuse my own vodka (any flavor suggestions? I’m thinking peppermint patty or gingerbread)

-create a Burlesque-inspired cocktail in honor of  Cher and Xtina’s new movie 🙂 

-create my own signature drink

-experiment new dinner recipes to go with my favorite vino

This week: MISSION Falafel.

-taste teste these: Bacardi Classic Cocktails

-throw a rediculously over-themed dinner party

-more investigative reporting on drinks that you love but are certain to make you fat (sorry, guys)

-get a team together for a drinking road race– Gear ‘n’ Beer 2011

-Return to NYC and enjoy some of my favorite bars/check out some recent bar openings

-celebrate every holiday with some healthy substitutions

-become an expert on sake…while indulging in sushi 🙂

I’m gonna call it a night now that my eyelids are drooping closed, but WOW–I feel so much better getting that all out of my head!  What would be on your drinking bucket list?! If you have any ideas for my drinking to-do list, let me know!  I am always looking for a fellow drinker to  pose for a picture, check out a new bar or be the lucky victim to try my latest drink experiment!



One Response to “Pillow talk with my blog.”

  1. Kristin Kolat November 10, 2010 at 7:45 pm #

    loveee the bucket list especially the dinner party idea!! and ill be your wine tasting date : )

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