8 Nov

Growing up, I was the biggest tomboy.  I idolized Christina Ricci’s character in Now & Then (best movie ever/reason I am still obsessed with Devon Sawa) who epitomized being “just one of the guys”. 

For the most part I outgrew my tomboy phase and in retrospect, it was probably for the better since Ricci’s adult character in the movie was played by Rosie O’Donnell ….but I am realizing my lack of insight in guy world is causing my poor blog to suffer. 

So I brought in some outside help!  Let me introduce to my beer-drinking, witty and not to mention, extremely MANLY man-friend Brian!  He is a senior at Bryant University, majoring in Computer Information Science.  He is also a transformer in his spare time….must be another guy thing.

ENOUGH RAMBLING….my big news is that Drinkers’ De-LIGHT is adding a new, guy-friendly segment written by Brian called “A Guy Walks into a Bar“.  Stay tuned for the first post later today!!!! 


One Response to “EXCITING NEWS for Drinkers’ De-LIGHT!”

  1. Kristin Kolat November 9, 2010 at 12:27 am #

    weird how you once played point guard for phs under the watchful eye of big willy b himself and now you take the longest EVER to get ready to go out (ok maybe only anna has you beat)

    can brian’s ppst be about whyyyy we dont get picked up in bars? k thanks! ha

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