“Love life and life will love you back”–Arthur Rubinstein

8 Nov

Dear Mr. Rubinstein,

You are very right.  Maybe it’s the two cups of coffee and redbull I drank today, but I am loving my life right now and it’s definitely loving me back!

Reasons I loved this weekend:

1. Willow Smith’s new song “Whip my Hair”–watched her on Ellen…jammed to it in the car…even had a nice hair-whipping session at the bar.

2.  Learning how to cook & Bogle Riesling–my favorite wine that I discovered while I lived in NYC this summer!

  Not only did I enjoy a nice glass of Bogle with my wonderful friend Ariel on Thursday night , but we also made the most  delicious dinner– Cinnamon Spice Sweet Potato Chickpea Salad (courtesy of Oh She Glows). 

Any cooking is a feat for me (I attempt to cook instant oatmeal every day for breakfast, but I am usually only successful about 3 times per week) but no lie, this meal was AMAZING.  I think the recipe called it “a mix between raking leaves and sipping a margarita” and that describes it perfectly.  Luckily, it has nowhere near as many calories as the evil margaritas from one of my previous posts

3.  Bacardi Torched Cherry & Diet Coke

Thank heavens I discovered this new cherry flavored rum at the bar this Friday!  I was one “rum and diet” order away from being in an official drinking slump…and don’t even get me started on “vodka, soda, lime”.    I am a cherry-aholic so I obviously loved this drink but if you are one of those people that thinks all cherry things taste like cough medicine, there are plenty of other Bacardi flavors to choose from.  Best news is that all Bacardi rums are under 70 calories per ounce, so there is no nutritional harm to spicing up your usual “rum-and-diet”!

 Hope everyone has a great week and happy daylight savings time!


One Response to ““Love life and life will love you back”–Arthur Rubinstein”

  1. Frances Bousquet November 8, 2010 at 12:15 pm #

    Great post! Very upbeat. Glad to see you so happy on a November weekend!
    Love and miss you!,
    Your biggest fan

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