Beer is NOT the enemy.

2 Nov

I always witness the most disturbing things when I head onto campus on a weekend morning.  Sometimes I see a dissheveled girl walking barefoot back to her dorm or a friendly trash-collector gathering empty bottles of Dubra flung on the sides of the road.  But what I witnessed this past Sunday morning was just plain offensive.  Just as I was about to take my first bite of eggs at the dining hall, I’m hit without warning by this image……

Ok, so maybe it wasn’t this extreme.  But it was still pretty jarring to see a 20-something year old with a beer belly….talk about losing my appetite.

I may have been traumatized but I was also intrigued.  What is the actual definition of a beer belly?  How much beer do you have to drink to get a beer belly?  Why do mostly men get it? Time to investigate!

Enjoy the mood music, before I hit you with some beer belly knowledge…

According to an article from BBC News, beer is not the culprit.  The “beer belly” aka “beer gut”, “pot belly” or “spare tire” is caused by the number of calories you consume–not just calories from beer.

The correlation between beer and the notorious beer gut comes from the high amount of calories in beer (around 140 calories on average) and the amount of beers many drinkers can guzzle in one night.

Men are more likely to have beer bellies due to a difference in hormones that cause their fat to get stored in their waist, while women tend to store fat in their hips or thighs. An article from Dr. Oz  says the excess fat is stored underneath the muscle, giving some men beer guts that are hard-as-a-rock.  Now, that’s hot.

My boyfriend is so hot.

So what’s a guy (or girl) to do to save themselves from the beer gut that may lie in their near future!?  While they are coming out with a line of man spankx, that is not your best solution! No, seriously–they make MAN SPANX…..The best option is the most obvious…drink less, maintain a healthy diet and exercise regularly.  If you are going to drink alcohol, choose wisely.  There are plenty of light beers currently out on the market–my dad just recently lost almost 50 pounds (ps so proud of you) and he swears by MGD 64 beer!

Moral of the story: Beer is not the enemy, you are.  Do yourself a favor and know how many calories you should be consuming per day compared to how many you actually are…it will only make the world a more beautiful place!


2 Responses to “Beer is NOT the enemy.”

  1. Brian November 2, 2010 at 3:28 am #

    I think the problem most guys have with light beer is the taste. While sure MGD 64 only has 64 calories and Bud Select 55 only has 55 but what are you drinking? It tastes like they literally watered down my beer. MGD 64 has 2.8% alcohol by volume. I think what what really needs to be considered is the fact that for an extra 46 calories, you could drink a Coors Light (4.2% ABV). Now, I know what you’re thinking… the math says that MGD 64 has more alcohol per calorie than Coors Light (by .5ish%). But what you also have to consider is that in order to do so, you have to drink almost two entire MGD 64s to achieve what could be achieved by a single Coors Light. So what I’m trying to say is that as long as you choose wisely and in correct proportions, (say drinking 8 Coors Lights in a night vs 13 or 14 MGD 64s)you can still maintain a good weight despite your drinking habits. Just to cite my personal experience, I lost 20 pounds this summer and drank almost exclusively Sam Summer Ale and Newcastle Brown Ale (both close to 5%ABV). How did I do it? Drink 5 or 6 instead of 10 or 12. It tastes better and averages less calories.
    Hope that was helpful.

  2. laurencardarelli November 2, 2010 at 1:58 pm #

    This post is fantastic. Spanx for men? HA. I was eating a bowl of cereal while reading this and choked on a flake at the picture with the man balancing the beer on his gut. Goodness…

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