Peace, Love and Pickle Juice.

1 Nov
Is Halloween really over already?  I have to admit I am a little disappointed with myself.  Working nonstop all weekend left me with barely any time to join in on the halloween fun! 
Luckily, everyone made up for my absence with some over-the-top costumes!  I just checked out tons of pics and news stories about this year’s best halloween costumes and the most popular costume by far had to be SNOOKI!

Here are my top Snooki picks:

Ellen Degeneres as "Snooki's Pouf"


Joan Rivers as Snooki (with Snooki)

There were even tons of YouTube videos coming out giving tutorials on how to be Snooki for halloween!

But if everyone was Snooki for Halloween, wtf was Snooki!?! The “Pickle Princess” of course!

Snooki dressed as Pickle Princess to host Las Vegas nightclub party at Jet

All this talk about pickles/Snooki/and halloween partying gave me some inspiration while I was bartending yesterday on Halloween…..Thus, I created my own Snooki-tini!  It’s easy to make, super strong in the liquor department and surprisingly delicious–healthy too, obviously!


2 oz vodka

1 oz seltzer/diet sprite

1/2 oz pickle juice

olive brine (optional)

pickle slices (optional)

Calories: 125-130 calories



Pour vodka, seltzer, pickle and olive juice into shaker with ice.  Shake briefly and strain into a chilled martini glass!  Garnish with pickle slices!

All of these ingredients are available to most bartenders so if you really like the drink don’t be afraid to order it next time you are out after a long day of GTL! Enjoy!


2 Responses to “Peace, Love and Pickle Juice.”

  1. Emily November 1, 2010 at 8:37 pm #

    Just stumbled upon your blog from my Twitter feed. Good content and great voice 🙂 Hope your senior year is going well and you’re enjoying class with Rick!


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