Black is Back.

28 Oct

They say black is the most slimming color and I would have to agree–even when it comes to vodka.  Many halloween cocktails are high in calories due to fattening liquers and mixers that give these drinks their festive colors.  But there is a healthy alternative to creating the most spook-tacular (dont hate on the word puns) cocktails this halloween! 

Drum roll, please……BLAVOD BLACK VODKA! 

Blavod vodka (80 proof) gives drinks an eerie black color, but is unflavored like clear vodkas and only has 69 calories in a 1 oz shot!  The best part of this vodka is that it “floats” on top of other heavier liquids and liquors to create a layered effect!  There are a ton of low-cal drink recipes using black vodka and with a little creativity you can easily create your own halloween concoction!

My personal favorite is the Black Widow–it looks badass, it’s easy to make and it provides a nice change for drinkers stuck in that cran-and-vodka rut. 

Black Widow

2 oz Blavod vodka

3 oz cranberry juice (diet-cranberry is even better!)

Pour cranberry juice into tall glass filled with ice first, float the Blavod on top and you’re done!

Orange juice-drinkers don’t have too miss out on all the fun either!  Substitute the cranberry for orange juice (try Trop 50 to save calories) and now you have a Spooky Screwdriver!



One Response to “Black is Back.”

  1. Rick Hancock October 28, 2010 at 6:42 pm #

    All joking aside — you have a pretty good blog going on here!

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