Weigh In: Is ‘drunkorexia’ an eating disorder?

26 Oct

Less than a week ago, the Denver Post printed an article claiming there is a new trend sweeping college campuses called ‘drunkorexia‘.  Although this isn’t an official medical term, it is a commonly used phrase to describe the practice of skipping meals and starving yourself in preparation for a night of drinking.

Diet pyramid created by Jezebel.com

After the Denver Post published this article, several major news outlets such as ABC and NBC picked up the story and there continues to be widespread media coverage regarding this ‘drunkorexia’ epidemic.

While I completely agree that many people save their daily calories for alcohol, I do not know if I necessarily believe this behavior is a suddenly new trend that is increasing in popularity.  Is ‘drunkorexia’ extreme enough to be classified along with bulimia and anorexia?  Is it just about saving calories or could it have to do with saving money in order to get a quicker buzz?  What is the harm in swapping your meal with alcohol?   

Clearly, I don’t have all the answers–wow, who gave this girl a blog?  I am simply leaving this post hanging because I really am unsure of where I stand on the issue.  Blog readers…if there are any of you actually out there (sorry mom, you don’t really count)..what do you think?  Is ‘drunkorexia’ an eating disorder!? Leave a comment!


3 Responses to “Weigh In: Is ‘drunkorexia’ an eating disorder?”

  1. Kristin Kolat October 26, 2010 at 2:14 pm #

    well ill weigh in on this issue. in this day and age when everyone and their mother and father (willy b) is dieting, you gotta sacrifice some calories during the day if you want to be able to have a drink and not feel guilty about breaking your diet. While I do agree that skipping dinner (especially bread and carbs) is the best way to get drunk quicker..we know that often turns into a disaster (im always guilty of this). people often skip eating for these 2 reasons, is it a disorder? no, I just think its college. college is all about saving your money for important things like alcohol even if it means not having dinner that night. we all grow up eventually and grow out of this trend, right? haha

  2. bousquet89 October 26, 2010 at 3:40 pm #

    Aw thanks for commenting…I thought I was going to have to steal people’s computers and comment anonymously haha.

    But I totally agree–except I dont think you should have to cut back SO much if you made healthier drink choices and put in some extra time at the gym…and most importantly NO DRUNK EATING–but thats a whole seperate issue (which I will be blogging more about today!)


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    […] Oct So I decided to sleep on the ‘drunkorexia’ debate from my last entry and see how I felt about it in the morning.  Usually I do my best thinking during a long workout, […]

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