Some guys cant handle Vegas….

18 Oct

“Life is not like what you see in the movies, Stephanie”

Welp, I hate to admit it but my loving mother was right.  And here’s the one and only reason why:

At the end of The Hangover, Bradley Cooper still looks gorgeous and fit.

Hm..that’s weird because after celebrating my 21st birthday at Mohegan Sun this past weekend, I look like I got hit by a bus.  I have bags under my eyes, I’m bloated, and I feel like my body is literally made of alcohol…Right now, the only star I resemble from The Hangover is Alan.

Not the best look for me.

So what do you DO to UN-DO a weekend of partying and indulging?  DETOX! 

A detox is a great way to rid your body of toxins, cleanse your poor liver and help you shed the unwanted pounds that come with drinking martinis and eating birthday cake!  My plan is to follow a fruit and vegetable cleanse for the next 3 days–meaning only raw, fresh produce and juices.  I’m a  bit of an extremist but there are tons of different ways to follow detox diets, even by just adding vitamins or herbal teas to your normal diet.

Here’s an easy-to-follow chart filled with tips on detoxifying your body!   (Compliments of

Increase: Decrease or Eliminate: Other Actions:
WaterFresh fruits & vegetablesWhole foods

Vitamins & minerals


Essential fatty acids

Non-toxic personal care products

Organic foods

Naturally detoxifying foods

Air-filtering houseplants

Air purifiers

Toxic environmentsSugarSaturated and hydrogenated fats

Refined flour products

Milk products

Conventionally raised meat

Late night eating

Food preservatives & additives

Fried foods



Recreational drugs


Use a dry skin brush dailyMake healthier mealsReplace household toxic chemicals & materials with safer alternatives

Neti nasal irrigation

Good night’s sleep

Exercise regularly

Yoga, meditation, time in nature

Improve digestion

Address unresolved emotional issues

Participate in support groups

Adopt a detox lifestyle

Some other great sources on detox diets and juice cleanses:

So there you have it….Are the next 3 days going to suck? Yup.  Am I going to whine/bitch/complain and want to give up? Yup.  Was it all worth it for one of the craziest, unforgettable weekends of my life?  HELL YES.

I’m not going to deny we gave The Hangover a run for it’s money…..


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