Happy Holidays

5 Oct

I am racing to finish this blog post before midnight because I just found out today is National Vodka Day

Even cheap-vodka deserves a celebration!

I am actually quite outraged by the lack of nation-wide attention and respect given to this holiday…school was not cancelled, decorations were very limited, and stores were not holding any sales at outlandish times of day.  Let’s face it; National Vodka Day was robbed of it’s dignity…mainly by National Taco Day, also on October 4th.


And that’s a shame because there is actually alot to celebrate about vodka, especially if you are a health-conscious drinker like myself.

One of the best things about vodka is that it does not discriminate.  Almost all flavors and brands have the same amount of calories according to their alcohol proof.  For example, a 1 oz serving of 80 proof vodka almost always has about 64 calories–yes, even Pinnacle whipped vodka and Absolut Pear (two of my favorites). 

On top of that, vodka has no fat, no sugar, and no carbs.

Lastly, vodka tastes great with almost all diet or zero-calorie mixers.  I prefer mixing with diet cranberry juice, seltzer and lime, or sugar-free redbull but everyone has their own favorites

What I’m trying to say is that National Vodka Day or not, vodka can be a dieter’s best friend so go ahead and celebrate!  And while you are at it, check out the other rediculous national holidays you might not know about…is it a coincidence National Liqeur Day falls on my birthday? I think not.


One Response to “Happy Holidays”

  1. Rick Hancock October 5, 2010 at 6:27 pm #

    Say what!!!!???? you actually have a sense of humor! Who knew! Good job!

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