Caffeine Fix-ed

4 Oct

So one of my favorite times of year is officially over–Homecoming! (cue the Kanye West song, I’m sorry I couldn’t resist)

At the University of Connecticut, homecoming is a big deal.   It’s basically two weeks overloaded with different events like a royalty pageant, homecoming parade and annual lipsync competition.  But the best part of homecoming by far is the UConn football game!  And by game, I mean TAILGATE.

Honestly, is there anything better than tailgating on a beautiful day?

After four years of college tailgating experience, I have concluded the key to a successful tailgate is starting your morning off right with a heavily spiked coffee!  However, I got into a little debate this year with some of my Alpha Phi sorority sisters about what is the best alcohol to mix with your coffee.  The top picks were Kahlua, Amaretto, or Bailey’s.  Bad news is that these liquor choices are among the highest in calories.

Kahlua Coffee Liquor: 91 calories per ounce

DiSarrono Amaretto: 110 calories per ounce

Bailey’s Original Irish Cream: 117 calories per ounce

Luckily, I had done some research before heading to the liquor store so I avoided this coffee calorie trap.  I ended up  taking a hint from the Irish and drinking my coffee with whiskey instead!  Some of the girls got a good laugh out of my “manly” drink choice, but once you consider the calorie difference it is the obvious healthy pick!  Who’s laughing now!?…..

Jim Beam Whiskey (80 proof): 69 calories per ounce

Not only are there less calories per serving, but whiskey also has a significantly higher alcohol proof so you can pour this sparingly!  I was 100% satisfied with my whiskey iced coffee (lots of splenda, obviously) and I will definitely be making this drink one of my tailgating staples! And I almost forgot…Congrats to the Huskies for the big win at Saturday’s game!


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