21 Sep

According to Gatorade‘s slogan, consumers should “Obey your thirst”.  However, health-conscious drinkers might want to think twice about this if Gatorade happens to be their drink of choice when it comes to non-alcoholic mixers.   Inspired by a recent Jock Jams theme party, I decided to investigate the health benefits on mixing alcohol and Gatorade.

Is Gatorade the key to six-pack abs? At least we thought so...

It only took a few quick searches to discovered that Gatorade is actually one of the unhealthiest mixers you could choose!!! It contains almost as many calories as soda or sugary juice drinks and packs up to 14g of sugar per serving (multiple servings in a bottle).  A better alternative is G2, Gatorade’s new low-calorie line of sports drinks. They come in many of the same flavors as original Gatorade but contains have half the calories and sugar.

So from now on, us amateurs should opt for low-cal sports drinks or different options as drink mixers and leave Gatorade to the pros!


One Response to “Hatorade”

  1. ricksrss September 21, 2010 at 4:13 pm #

    Good, but back up your facts with some sort of attribution from a doctor or nutritionist or health study

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